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Proposal Template

How the template works
The items that are checked on this page will be used to generate an outline form with text boxes for the text under each heading. The text you enter on the outline form will be used to create a rough draft proposal. The proposal text generated can be cut and pasted into your word processor for completion.

In this version, only text may be entered. Placed holders may be inserted into the draft for where you should incorporate tables and graphics when you get the text into your word processor.

Other Notes
The Proposal Template is intended for educational purposes. A real proposal should be built around the customers requirements and completely customized. No template can anticipate the needs of all clients in all markets. However, if you are having trouble getting started, this tool may provide you with inspiration. Please use the tool as a starting point and then, using your customer awareness, make any change necessary to achieve a winning proposal.

Select the items you would like to include in your proposal from the options below.

Executive Summary

Introduction to the proposal
Introduction to the organization submitting the proposal
Features/benefits table
Key qualifications
Why select us

Products to be bid

Services to be bid

Maintenance and Support
Risk Mitigation
Quality Assurance
Management Plan

Roles and Responsibilities
Subcontracting Plan
Milestones and Deliveries
Relevant corporate experience

Project Summaries

Key personnel resumes
Representative resumes
Other factors for consideration

Future considerations
Additional capabilities
Pricing and contractual considerations

Pricing methodology
Timekeeping, invoicing, and payment terms
Legal and contractual requirements/terms

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