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  • Questions to answer in your Executive Summary

    An Executive Summary is usually not an actual summary. When an Executive Summary is written for a proposal, or for any document that has a purpose, the Executive Summary must reflect that purpose. It must guide the reader to the conclucsion you want them to reach after reading the proposal. To write an Executive Summary, start with the conclusion you want the reader to reach and then ask yourself what questions the reader will have in order to reader those conclusions.

    Here are a list of questions to get you started:

    1. Why should the customer select you?
    2. How does your proposal align to the customer’s evaluation criteria?
    3. How will the customer benefit from what you proposal?
    4. What kind of return on investment can the customer anticipate?
    5. How will the project help the customer achieve their strategic goals?
    6. How do your plans align with theirs?
    7. How do the features of your proposal align with challenges the customer faces?
    8. How do project elements align with the customer’s priorities?
    9. How will your approach position them better for the future?
    10. What improvements will you make to the existing environment?
    11. How is your approach cheaper or more efficient?
    12. What discriminates you from your competition?
    13. Have you described all of your capabilities and how they may benefit the customer?
    14. How does your corporate culture and values map to the needs of the project?
    15. Are you reputable?
    16. What are your priorities?
    17. Can you provide any references or testimonials?
    18. Has your company won any awards that are relevant?
    19. Has your company had any articles published that are relevant?
    20. Is this project large enough to be considered important to your firm?
    21. Is this project so large that it will over extend your firm?
    22. What kind of return on investment do you project for the customer?
    23. How will your firm invest in the outcome?

    Carl Dickson
    By Carl Dickson, Founder of CapturePlanning.com and PropLIBRARY

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