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  • Questions to answer in your Staffing Plan

    What do you need to know in order to staff a project? What does the customer need to know in order to trust that you will be able to staff the project. The following list of questions can inspire you and help you to make sure that you provide the right information. Different companies, different bids, and different circumstances mean that you can simply follow a template or someone else's outline. It may have been written for the wrong context. However, by answering the right questions, you can ensure that you write a staffing plan that meets your particular needs.

    1. How important is staffing to the overall success of the project?
    2. What are the position descriptions/qualifications for each role on the project?
    3. Who are the key personnel?
    4. What level of effort will they contribute?
    5. What roles and responsibilities will each position have? (provide a table)
    6. What is the background of each key person (provide a biography/summary)
    7. How does the staff you have selected distinguish your firm and benefit the customer?
    8. What is the resume for each key person
    9. How will replacement of staff be handled if necessary?
    10. How will you recruit new personnel if needed?
    11. How will new project staff be oriented/trained?
    12. What on-going training/skills enhancement will be provided to project staff?
    13. How will staff be supervised?
    14. What is your plan for retaining staff and achieving low turnover?
    15. How will staff performance be evaluated?
    16. Is your staff financially incentivized in any way?
    17. Do you plan to hire any of the customer's staff?
    18. Do you plan to hire any of the incumbent contractor's staff?
    19. How are skills allocated across the organization?
    20. What skills are required for the project?
    21. How are skills mapped to project staffing?
    22. What depth of staffing is available within your company?

    Carl Dickson
    By Carl Dickson, Founder of CapturePlanning.com and PropLIBRARY

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