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  • 101 Things Your Business Development Process Should Address

    It's not the flow chart that makes a process successful.  It's not even the process manual (that sits on a shelf) that makes a process successful.  What makes a process successful are the tools that people use to execute the process.  You need to make it easier for your stakeholders to execute a proposal using your process than it is to execute a process without your process.  The tools and job aids you offer will determine how easy that is.  Here is a list of 101 things that should be part of your business development process.

    1. Introduction To The Process
    2. Descriptions Of Roles And Responsibilities
    3. Explanation For What The Executive Sponsor Can Expect
    4. Explanation For What The Business Development Manager Can Expect
    5. Explanation For What The Capture Manager Can Expect
    6. Explanation For What The Proposal Manager Can Expect
    7. Explanation For What The Process Administrator Can Expect
    8. Explanation For What The Production Manager Can Expect
    9. Explanation For What Writers Can Expect
    10. Explanation For What Subject Matter Experts Can Expect
    11. Explanation For What Reviewers Can Expect
    12. Explanation For What Production Staff Can Expect
    13. Guidance For Estimating Pursuit Staffing Requirements
    14. Guidance For Budgeting And Bid And Proposal Cost Accounting
    15. Form For Role Assignments
    16. List Of Goals To Be Achieved Before The RFP Is Released
    17. Form For Describing The Opportunity
    18. Form For Tracking Key Dates
    19. Form For Tracking The Contact History
    20. Form For Tracking Pursuit Action Items
    21. Description Of The Review Process To Ensure RFP Release Readiness
    22. Schedule For Readiness Reviews
    23. Guidance For Readiness Reviewers
    24. Explanation Of Bid/No Bid Considerations
    25. Bid/No Bid Decision Form
    26. Lead Identification Report Template
    27. Criteria/Requirements For Lead Identification Review
    28. Lead Identification Report Review Form
    29. Lead Qualification Report Template
    30. Criteria/Requirements For Lead Qualification
    31. Lead Qualification Report Review Form
    32. Intelligence Gathering Report Template
    33. Criteria/Requirements For Intelligence Gathering
    34. Intelligence Gathering Report Review Form
    35. Bid Preparation Report Template
    36. Criteria/Requirements For Bid Preparation
    37. Bid Preparation Report Review Form
    38. Capture Plan Report Template
    39. Criteria/Requirements For Capture Plan
    40. Capture Plan Review Form
    41. Teaming and Subcontracting Document Status Tracking Form
    42. Win Strategy Worksheet
    43. Description Of What To Do While You Are Waiting For RFP Release
    44. Sources Sought Release & Response Checklist
    45. Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) Request Guidance
    46. Draft RFP Release Checklist
    47. Guide To Influencing The RFP
    48. RFP Release Checklist
    49. RFP Distribution List
    50. RFP Release Bid/No Bid Decision Form
    51. RFP Question Submission Guidance
    52. RFP Question Collection List
    53. RFP Amendment Checklist
    54. Kickoff Meeting Guidance
    55. Kickoff Meeting Agenda
    56. Kickoff Planning Worksheet
    57. Kickoff Meeting Invitation Template
    58. Proposal Schedule Guidance
    59. Sample 10, 30, 45, and 90 day Schedules
    60. Proposal Schedule Form
    61. Staffing And Assignments List
    62. Points Of Contact List
    63. Bid And Proposal Cost And Time Tracking Instructions
    64. Work Location Guidance And Reservation Instructions
    65. Equipment Request And Use Guidance
    66. Access Guidance (Physical, Network, Software)
    67. Proposal Software Guide
    68. Sustenance Guidance (Food And Personal Necessities)
    69. Lodging Guidance and Reservation Instructions
    70. Travel Guidance and Instructions
    71. Compliance Matrix/Outline Guidance
    72. Compliance Matrix/Outline Template
    73. Content Planning Guidance
    74. Content Plan Template
    75. Content Plan Checklist
    76. Production Planning Guidance
    77. Production Plan Template
    78. Proposal Quality Validation Guidance
    79. Proposal Quality Validation Planning Form
    80. Proposal Quality Validation Review Checklist
    81. Guidance For Managing The Schedule
    82. Guidance For Managing Assignments
    83. Guidance For Managing Validation Reviews
    84. Guidance For Managing Changes
    85. Guidance For Managing The Proposal Budget
    86. Guidance For Writers
    87. Templates For Writers
    88. Style Guide For Writers
    89. Configuration Management Instructions
    90. Instructions For Requesting Graphics
    91. Standards For Developing Graphics
    92. Tracking Form for Graphics
    93. Final Production Checklist
    94. Submission Readiness Checklist
    95. Shipping Instructions and Tracking Guidance
    96. Delivery Guidance
    97. Delivery Receipt
    98. Post Submission Plan
    99. Response To Questions, Requests For Clarification, Deficiencies, And Revisions
    100. Debrief Plan
    101. Lessons Learned Form

    Carl Dickson
    By Carl Dickson, Founder of CapturePlanning.com and PropLIBRARY

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