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You can choose to have a blog tab or not to have one. You can even choose whether to call it a "blog." You could make it "news" "articles" or something else. If you skip the "blog" you can still post to the forums. If you already have a blog you can simply post links to it.

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What do you wish people had told you at the start of your proposal?

Proposals require input. Writer's can't write without it. But you're not going to get the input you need simply by asking open ended questions. It's hard to prove a point if you don't know what points you're trying to prove. You have to ask specific questions that address what you need to know when you are writing. So all those questions you have, like "should you emphasize this benefit or that benefit?" or "what would the customer prefer?" need to get asked. We're building a whole list of questions like this into the MustWin Process. And one of the ways we're doing is it to think about what things we wished we need at the start of the proposals we've worked on. That way we can ask for it. Can you think of any questions you'd like to see built into the MustWin Process that would enable your proposals to start with the information you need?

Carl Dickson

Carl Dickson

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