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    To win your bids you must get into position with the right marketing efforts. Your business development strategies should include market assessments, relationship marketing, lead generation and qualification, sales and closing techniques, customer and competitive intelligence gathering, and ultimately proposal writing. If you don't position yourself with the right business development and marketing efforts, your chances of winning the proposal are greatly diminished. Here are some business development tips.
    • The RFP may be weeks or even months away. Are you where you should be in your preparations? How do you know? Can you quantify it? Can you measure your progress towards being ready to win?
    • Capturing new business is not about you. If you change your persective, you will see a big difference in your ability to gather the right information you need to win a business opportunity.
    • The best way to win proposals is to know the customer. All the best practices say so. But the best practices won't help you when you don't have good customer insight. What should you do to win when you don't know the customer as well as you should?
    • You should never bid a proposal on an even playing ground. You want the odds stacked in your favor. The best competitive advantage is when the RFP has requirements that are easy for you, but difficult for your competitors. Here are 24 different ways to influence the RFP.
    • Calculating ROI is critically important to ensure the long-term viability of your business. It's not simply a matter of keeping costs low and revenue high. The right investments lead to the best returns. But you have to know how to measure them.
    • Without customers to purchase their products or services, every business in the world would be forced to close its doors. Here are a few suggestions for attracting and keeping customers.
    • You should never just submit a proposal and then wait to hear from the customer. Following up after submission can be as important as preparing the proposal was in closing the deal.
    • If your business is to fulfill its potential, you need everyone to understand how their role fits into the business development function, and how they can support it.
    • To pursue relationship marketing and build an information advantage, you have to have someone to make contact with. How do you find the right person to talk business with?
    • Most professional services businesses use pipelines to manage their pursuits. However, many companies use report formats that aren't effective. Get some tips on how to format your reports to answer key questions. Discover the secret connection between boring BD reports and your win rate.
    • Find out how a company went from not having any formal business development process or lead tracking system to implementing a formal pipeline, lead qualification, and pursuit processes. See how we set targets, managed the pursuits, and exceeded their numbers.
    • Preferably before the RFP ever comes out, you should be assessing the potential competition on a proposal. Because a proposal is a competition, you need to score higher to win. In order to boost yourself, or even lower them, you have to know who they are.
    • They are marketed differently. What matters to the customer about a necessity is different from what matters about a luxury. This impacts every aspect of customer outreach and how you conduct your marketing.
    • Some organizations use dedicated capture managers to win their bids. Since capture planning is the topic of our site, we thought we should post an article describing the role of a capture manager.

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