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  • 6 Questions Your Sales Letter MUST Answer

    1. Who Are You Selling Your Product To? Before writing word one of your sales letter you must know who is in the market for your product. You need to be able to take your product and find the one specific group that is going to desperately have a need for your offer. 

      The more specific the better. If you’re offering a fishing lure designed to catch salmon you wouldn’t market it to men in general. You’d narrow it down to people that fished. And even more specifically, you’d market it to those that fish for salmon. By doing this your sales letter can speak directly to your prospect and therefore make more profits for you.
    2. How Is Your Product Different? What sets your product apart from the competition? Have you done studies to show it works better? Do you have a higher overall level of customer satisfaction compared to your competitors? Can you say that your product is the only one that does something no other product does? If so, tell the reader in your sales letter.

      If you can tell your prospect that your product offers a highly desired benefit unavailable from your competitor’s product then you’re going to make the sale.

    3. Why Should The Prospect Believe You? With all the scams and false information being given through advertising, disbelief sets in pretty fast. So you’ve got to make your prospect believe what you’re telling them is the undeniable truth. And you’ve got to do it fast before the prospect starts to think that every claim you’re making can’t possibly be true.

      So tell them why they should believe you. Show them stats to back up your claims. Prove to them that what you’re saying is the truth from the beginning and they’ll believe everything you have to say from that point forward.

    4. What Are ALL The Benefits Your Product Offers? But not only the biggest, most obvious benefits, but also those that are not so evident.

      By creating a long list of benefits the customer gets with your product you better your chance of listing the one thing they really need. And if you can show them one benefit that captures their eye then you’re going to make a new customer.

    5. Why Might Your Prospect Say “No”? Read your letter from the viewpoint of your prospect. Would you say yes to the offer? If not, why?

      Reading over your sales letter and answering questions and objections as they arise is a guaranteed method for increasing response and breaking down buying resistance.

    6. Why Should Your Prospect Act Now? The final question you must answer for your prospect is why they need to act immediately. Miss this crucial step and your offer will be put on permanent hold as the prospect makes plans to act at a later date but never does.

      Give them a believable reason to act immediately. Give them a special price if they act within the next few days. Or tell them quantities are limited and once they’re all gone they won’t be sold at any price.

      Just make sure that your urgency is believable and truthful.

    Carl Dickson
    By Carl Dickson, Founder of CapturePlanning.com and PropLIBRARY

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