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  • How to Write a Better Executive Summary

    An Executive Summary should explain what you want the reader to conclude after reading your proposal. An Executive Summary is the most important part of your proposal, because it is where you explain why your proposal is the best alternative. The rest of the proposal just substantiates those reasons. Usually, an Executive Summary is not actually a summary at all. Executive Summary writing should focus on the conclusions you want the evaluator to reach and not on summarizing everything in your proposal. When you write an Executive Summary, the evaluator should know why to select you without having to read the rest of your proposal.
    • How would you answer a prospective customer who asked, "Who are you and why should I care?" If you were the prospect, would that answer increase or decrease the desire to do business with you?
    • Here's a list of 101 Themes that I've probably written a million times. Use it for inspiration. Use it like a checklist. Just make sure you add details about your customer and offering to make them specific to your proposal.
    • Should you write the Executive Summary first and build your proposal to support it, or should you write the Executive Summary last, as a summary of all the material developed in writing the proposal? There are good reasons for taking either approach, but which is best for you will depend on your circumstances and goals.
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